Dutch Mustard are a four piece Rock band from London, formed by front woman Sarah-Jayne Riedel.

The band’s current line-up consists of Sarah-Jayne (Vocal and Rhythm Guitar), Ed Dampier (Lead Guitar), Alex Kemp (Bass Guitar) and Arlen Millward (Drums).


The groups musical style is a blend of Rock with influences of Grunge, Shoegaze, and Alternative Rock.


Over the last two years the band have been playing at some of London's most loved venues. During that time they put together their first few singles which include, Weeping Willow, Taste It and Society Is Sick.

The band Released their EP "Drive" on September 12th 2019, Recorded, Produced, and Mastered by Ian Flynn at MusicLand Studios, London.


DM will be doing a UK tour in November 2019, some of the Cities include Liverpool, Manchester and Brighton.